Marbles in Space is a relaxing ball rolling puzzle game for Windows that is set in space.
The ball can change between 3 different materials that are each useful for different reasons.
A glass marble, a cork ball and a paper ball.

It takes inspiration from Ballance, Switchball, Kula World and of course a bit of Marble Madness.

Play the Game!

You can play the game for free whilst it is in development!

You will need a tester key and you can request one on Discord or Reddit.

Download the Game!

You can download the latest test version of the game using the button below.

Download latest test version

It is highly recommended to join the Discord server or subreddit to keep up to date with changes and to help report bugs and give feedback.

Remember that the download is a test version and still a work in progress and as such may be buggy and stuff might not work as expected. - Although, that's why it's there so you can help make the game awesome as development goes on!

For a list of known bugs, planned game element previews and more please refer to the Discord server or subreddit.


You can make contact in the following ways...

E-mail: hello@pandaheadinteractive.ga
Instagram: @pandaheadinteractive

Pigeon post, smoke signals, SAE's and messages in a bottle are no longer accepted.